GameChanger Tray is a triple Win!!!

For All Venues!

GameChanger Trays are...

Perfect for carrying food and drink on the go at any event


Easy to hold with one hand


Designed to fit the venue cup holder, freeing-up both hands


Less mess after the event reduces cleanup time and costs


Space for logos, sponsorship, promotions, QR codes


GameChanger Tray in Action!


Freedom to Catch All the Fun

Get into the game like never before! The GameChangerTray allows you to hold your food and drink with one hand so you're always ready to cheer on your team or catch the next home run.


Store Your Food and Drink

Easily store the GameChangerTray in the venue cup holder freeing-up your hands without putting food on the ground. Now you can jump up and enjoy the action!


Customer Friendly Convenience

Simply rotate the GameChangerTray out of the way, allowing others to quickly slip past.

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